Fr. Joseph P. Parkes, S.J.

B.A. (History), Fordham University
M.A. (History), The University of Wisconsin
M.Div., Woodstock College

Mr. William P. Ford, III

B.A. (History), Dartmouth College
M.A. (Theology), Fordham University
Ed.M. (Administration), Teacher's College, Columbia University

Ms. Rosanjela Batista
Dean of Student Learning and Support

B.A.S. (Mathematical Science/Economics), Villanova University
M.S. (Mathematics), St. John's


Corporate Work Study Program

Ms. Catalina M. Gutierrez

Director of Corporate Work Study
B.S. (Foreign Service), Georgetown University
J.D., Boston College Law School

Mr. Nick Cherico

Assistant Director
B.A. (Organizational Communication), Xavier University


Ms. Adriane Castillo

Client Relationship Associate

B.S. (Marketing), Fairfield University


Ms. Anne Kelley-Kemple*

Assistant Director

B.S. (Mathematics), Scranton University

Mr. Michael Henson

Dean of Faculty

Ms. Laura Gerard

B.S. (Secondary Education, English), Villanova University
M.L.A. (Master of Liberal Arts), Houston Baptist University

Dean of Students

Mr. Robert Gordon

B.A. (Psychology), SUNY - Stony Brook
M.A. (Counseling/Psychology), Troy University


Ms. Brigid Quinn

Director of Development
B.A. (History), Providence College


Ms.Illeana Abreu

Development Associate
B.A. Communications - Loyola University



Mr. William Porcaro

Director of Admissions
B.S. (English Literature), Fordham University
M.S. (Education), Hunter College

Finance & Operations

Ms. Chanae Richards

Director of Finance and Operations

B.S. (Criminal Justice), Temple University

M.A. (Criminal Justice), Rutgers University

M.P.A. (Public Administration), Rutgers University

Ms. Gladys Colón

Tuition and Business Office Manager 
B.A. (Business Administration), S.U.N.Y- Binghamton

Information Technology

Abasi Aniton

Director of IT

New York Institue of Technology


Mr. William Porcaro*

B.S. (English Literature), Fordham University
M.S. (Education), Hunter College

School Building

Mr. Joseph Keane

Director of Physical Plant

Mr. Olson Saez

Assistant Director of Physical Plant

Support Staff

Ms. Noemi Burgos

Secretary to the Principal and Registrar

Ms. Luz Sepulveda

Food Service Coordinator