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On Monday, Mr. Ford, Dr. Koger, Mr. Scheb, and Mr. Gordon led 26 Cristo Rey NY students, along with Maggie Ford and Olivia Gordon, to the Magic Johnson Movie Theater to view Selma. Many of the students arrived a full half hour earlier than the stated time, and were eager to speak of the importance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Holiday as we waited. There was a march down the block from the theater honoring his memory and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

At the end of the movie, some applauded while others sat pensively, letting the message sink in. Common and John Legend’s song “Glory” filled the cinema, and a call to seek a more just society was surely delivered to all who viewed the movie.


• The movie has affected my thinking about the power I have to help change our society because Cristo Rey has prepared us for the outside world. I believe that Cristo Rey has made sure that we, as young men and women, have the right education and right tools to go out into the world and fight social sin and social inequality. Selma also got me thinking because I had family that actually had to deal with that and it pushes me to carry on the legacy to make the world a truly equal. When I am on my own and in college I will use the gifts from Cristo Rey and go change the world.

          Marcellous Valentin, Junior


• It was pretty awesome to have a chance to experience a great movie like this, especially one I can relate too. Most importantly it opened my eyes to what took place for my rights something as simple as voting. Knowing this I really am encouraged to vote and to remind my parent to vote as well. Overall this movie made me rethink about how I should live.

          Adonia Hosier, Junior



• Spending time with my friends and teachers to celebrate Dr. King was a great way to end my weekend. I never really did much on that holiday and never put much thought into it, but after watching the movie, I noticed why it is such a meaningful day to stop, reflect, and be thankful for the society we live in which is very diverse in race and rich in culture. I am grateful for all those who were brave enough to stand up for injustices in our world and act in a peaceful way to change those injustices. 

           Marlon Vargas, Junior


• I am very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to watch the movie. The movie has impacted my life in many ways. I now feel like I can do anything to help change society today. Society has changed in some ways but racism is still a problem today. The movie inspired me to work towards equality between all people and never give up because all dreams are possible.

          Crismari Edua, Junior


• I very much appreciated getting an invitation to Selma. I really believe that the movie did an excellent job in portraying our fight to get the right to vote. I believe that we are still working up to Martin Luther King's dream for us to all have equal rights today. The movie inspired even more to help make a difference in societies oppressed like that today. 


          Empress Hodge, Freshman



Last night, several volunteers from Deloitte came to Cristo Rey to host a FAFSA completion night. Deloitte is a corporate sponsor for Cristo Rey New York and is represented on our Advisory Committee, and we couldn't be more grateful for their support!

It is a busy time for alumni visits! Over 100 former students returned to CRNYHS this month. Many of them came back for two special events, the alumni reunion and a career night. It is nice to have our Lions home for the holidays!