Students at Work

Representative Timesheet Comments from
Our Students at Work


Isabella Levy – Exec Comm
I successfully learned how to make a workbook and bind it correctly. I learned that every morning I get to work I must email all my coworkers inquiring about the type of workbooks that need to be done. I shadowed a worker and saw how I was going to be working in the future. Today I also met two alumni from Cristo Rey that work part-time while in college. The energy inside the work place is very positive. I feel that I'm going to learn and accomplish many things

Josh Rivera - Aetna
Today I helped my coworker Nakia move some of her supplies to the Marketing and Supply room, and putting other coworkers possessions in bubble wrap.

Richard Rodriguez – BNP Paribas
Today I assisted my supervisor in many tasks. I made sure all the printers were up and running with no errors, swapped computer monitors and scheduled a pick up for several Bloomberg keyboards.

Genesis Franco – Lazard Asset Management
Today I worked on a report in which the contacts had missing information. All of the contacts were categorized by the different teams therefore different rules applied to all of them. For the ones that were listed as contacts on the spreadsheet I found their missing information in a FINRA database. I was also able to briefly work on a similar report but for relationships.


Brandon Henderson – MetLife
I began my day by filling the copy machines with paper. After that I learned how to use the new fax machine and sent documents that needed to be faxed. Once I finished that, I handled the outgoing mail by sealing and giving them the proper postage. I also picked up the mail, sorted through it, and filed it accordingly.

Maria Estevez – ING Financial Services
Today I worked in the Legal department. I began my day off by creating folders for board members who were attending a meeting. I did this by placing booklets and minutes into each folder. After, I helped Tammy set up the lunches for the meeting in a conference room. Later, I created ISDA, guarantee, give-up and counterparty notice folders. I also made labels for them. Lastly I printed the labels and attached them to their proper folder.