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CRNYHS is dedicated to providing each student with a personalized high school experience. In order to do so, CRNYHS runs an Academic Support Program Monday through Thursday from 3:05-5pm.

Students who are struggling in a class are assigned to the Academic Support Program. In these sessions, students will work one-on-one and in small groups to support the work of core classes and to target specific topic areas.

Homework Study Hall
(HWSH) operates each day from 3:05-5pm. Students who miss a homework assignment are assigned to HWSH to complete the assignment. Students may also attend HWSH if they need a quiet place to complete their homework.


Counseling Services

Cristo Rey New York High School’s Counseling program is designed to respond to the personal, academic, and family needs of each of our students. We know our students face enormous challenges that can impede their learning and growth, and we are focused on helping students overcome any obstacles they face during their four years at our school.


School Psychologist:

Dr. Sareska Tamayo


School Counselor:

Virginia Valerio

School Social Worker:

Aida Valerio

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