FAQ for Sponsors

What type of jobs do students perform at the work site?
When do
students work?
How do the students get to work?
Is there an
annual fee?
What if a sponsor does not have enough work for a full-time position?
Who supervises the students at work?
How are students prepared for their Work-Study jobs?
Are students available to work over school breaks or summer?
What if a sponsor is interested in the program but does not have a need for entry-level clerical help?
Does the work schedule interfere with the classroom schedule?
How do we measure our students' success?
How can I get more information about the Work-Study Program?

FAQ for Prospective Students

Do students get
paid directly?
Do students choose where they go to work?
Is there a dress code?
Do parents have direct contact with corporate sponsors?
Is there an age requirement for students?
Do all students
go to work?

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