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FAQ for Sponsors

Specific job descriptions differ by sponsor; however, all students start with similar entry-level clerical duties. These duties can include data entry, answering phones, working in mailrooms, sorting, copying, and faxing documents, greeting and assisting customers, or running office errands. Many student workers, depending on their experience and skills, and the needs of the company, will graduate to more challenging and complicated assignments.

What type of jobs do students perform at the work site?

Work days are Monday through Friday from 9:30am – 5:15pm. The program runs concurrent with the school year, September through June. The work program also observes Christmas break, Spring break, and certain other holidays.

When do
students work?

The students report to school every day at the same time. On their assigned work day, students leave the school accompanied by a CWSP Chaperone who takes them on the subway.

How do the students get to work?

Yes. There is a fee for hiring students and the rate varies from year-to-year. Please contact us for our current rates.

Is there an
annual fee?

For companies whose business cannot support a full team, partial teams are available on a sliding scale.

What if a sponsor does not have enough work for a full-time position?

The Work-Study Office has a working relationship with an on-site supervisor at each placement who will help guide and support the student in this challenging, rewarding experience. Both the supervisor and school staff will provide overall guidance, education and support to ensure that students are successful at work.

Who supervises the students at work?

All incoming freshmen attend a rigorous three week summer Business Boot Camp before beginning their first corporate work-study placement. Returning students also receive ongoing feedback and training from employers and the CWSP staff throughout the school year.

How are students prepared for their Work-Study jobs?

School break or summer employment can be arranged through the school or directly with the student.

Are students available to work over school breaks or summer?

If a sponsor does not have appropriate entry-level clerical work there are opportunities for individuals or corporations to sponsor students at local non-profit organizations.

What if a sponsor is interested in the program but does not have a need for entry-level clerical help?

No, the daily schedule is organized so that all students complete a full weekly class schedule in an extended-day format.

Does the work schedule interfere with the classroom schedule?

The Corporate Work Study Program uses performance evaluations to measure our students' success. We ask that our supervisors complete one evaluation per trimester. Evaluations are the primary factor in determining the students' grade in their Corporate Applications (CAPPs) class as well as the proper course of action for remediation and retraining. Supervisors refer to a Review Guide when accurately and objectively assessing their student workers growth.

How do we measure our students' success?

Contact the Managing & Sales Director of the Work-Study Program, Catalina Gutierrez, at

How can I get more information about the Work-Study Program?

FAQ for Prospective Students

The money that is paid by sponsors goes towards the cost of the student’s education. Some students may have the opportunity to work during school breaks if there is a mutual agreement among CWSP, the sponsor and student. Money earned during school breaks will be paid directly to students.

Do students get
paid directly?

After considering students’ skill levels and interests and the skill set needed by our sponsor, the CWSP staff will determine where students are placed.

Do students choose where they go to work?

Cristo Rey New York High School students are held to strict standards. All students are required to wear formal business attire both at school and work. Students must adhere to their dress code at all times.

Is there a dress code?

No. All communications with sponsors are made through the Corporate Work Study office. If parents need to contact their child, they must contact the school for assistance.

Do parents have direct contact with corporate sponsors?

Yes. A student must be 14 years of age to participate in the Corporate Work-Study Program.

Is there an age requirement for students?

Yes, all students are required to participate in the Corporate Work-Study Program.

Do all students
go to work?
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