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Graduate Support

College success is ingrained in the CRNYHS curriculum. Our extensive Graduate Support Program has become one of the defining features of our school, providing support to our students both on their journey to college and to our 1200+ graduates as they work towards college graduation.  

To & Through College

All our students are supported from high school graduation through college graduation by our Director of Graduate Support, Natasha Cooper. Ms. Cooper is a welcome point of contact for our graduates as they navigate the college experience, reaching out and being available by request to help individual students address any social, financial, academic, or emotional challenges they might have. 

in College

Prior to graduating from high school, seniors partake in “College 101”, a program that is integrated into the senior seminar. Counselors, staff members, and alumni provide knowledge and advice to help students adjust to their campuses, classrooms, and social environments. 100% of CRNYHS’s 2023 graduates earned admission to a four-year college or university, and 80% of the class attend Selective, More Selective, or Most Selective Colleges according to the U.S. News & World Report Rankings.


We hold annual alumni events to welcome our graduates back to CRNYHS and ensure our current students can learn from their predecessors’ successes and struggles. From our annual fall all-alumni reunion to our yearly senior farewell BBQ in spring, we enjoy inviting our alumni back to celebrate their time with us in community. Our alumni also return to connect with and support current students as their sports coaches, mentors, career advisors and more! Contact for more information!


Cristo Rey is committed to providing our alumni with the resources to succeed in college and beyond. Resources include:

  • College advising and counseling in the areas of course selection, transfer requirements, applications, accessing resources, social and emotional support, transcript requests and more.

  • The opportunity to stay connected to classmates and the school at class reunions and alumni events.

  • Student loan counseling and assistance completing the application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • Assistance with career planning including resume and cover letter review.

  • Scholarship opportunities for college tuition assistance.

  • Job and internship listings targeting CR alumni.

  • A Graduate Support Request form for credential requests (transcript, diploma, SAT/ACT scores) or to schedule an appointment with Ms. Cooper.


Follow Ms. Cooper on Facebook and Instagram as she visits our graduates on their college campuses across the country. 

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