We're thrilled you are planning to apply to Cristo Rey New York High School! Before you apply, please be sure to check our eligibility requirements below. We accept students on a rolling basis until our class is full. 

To inquire about applying, please contact us at









Step 1 - Confirm Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be rising 9th or 10th grade students. We do not accept 11th or 12th grade transfer students.

  • Please call the Admissions Office if the applicant will not be 14 years of age by September 9th, 2022

  • The student's family must be financially eligible. The family of the student must be considered as having limited financial resources. Families that earn $60,000 or more annually should contact the Admissions Office prior to applying to determine eligibility.(Click to view Financial Threshold to determine eligibility)

Life as a Lion

Step 2 - Submit Admissions Application:

                              Cristo Rey New York High School
                              Admissions Office
                              112 East 106th St.
                              New York, New York 10029 

Step 3 - Submit Financial Aid Application

  • Submit FACTS Student Aid Form online here. Parents must upload their 2020 Tax Return to FACTS. If you need assistance in completing the financial aid application, please contact the admissions office to schedule an appointment. 

Step 4 - Letters of Recommendation:

  • Applicants must submit two evaluation forms.

  • Please give your teachers plenty of notice so they can complete the forms before the application deadline.

  • If your references would like access to our fillable Teacher or Character Reference form, please have them email us at to request access.

  • Please have your reference forms emailed to

​Step 5 - School Transcripts:

  • Applicants must submit a full-year transcript from 6th and 7th grade academic years, as well as the first-term transcript from the current 8th grade academic year.

  • Please ask your child’s current school to submit transcripts directly to Cristo Rey via email at

Step 6 - Standardized Testing:

  • Please submit one of the standardized testing listed below for SY 20-21.

    • SY 20-21  Standardized test scores  State test scores for ELA and Math

    • MAP Testing 

  • Cristo Rey New York High School is not a TACHS school. Please do not list us as one of the three school choices. 


Step 7 - Application Review:

  • Once your application is completed, the Admissions Committee will review your application.

Step 8 - Student Interview and Assessment:

  • After the Admissions Committee has reviewed your application, it will then be determined whether or not your student will be invited for an interview and assessment. The Admissions Office will call you at that time with further information.

Step 9 - Registration: 


  • Once accepted, applicants must register and pay fees on designated registration days.


Step 10 - Puente:

  • All incoming students must participate in the mandatory 3-week Summer Academy in July 2022.


  • Applications are reviewed in groups and the submission dates for each group are as follows:

    • November 19th - First Admissions Application Deadline

    • December 6th - Second Admissions Application Deadline

    • December 17th - Third Admissions Application Deadline

    • January 21st - Fourth Admissions Application Deadline

    • February 18th - Fifth Admissions Application Deadline

    • March 18th 2022- Sixth Admissions Application Deadline

    • April 12,2022- Seventh Admissions Application Deadline

In order to meet a deadline all application materials must be submitted by submission group date. 

  • Application forms can be submitted online, e-mailed (, or mailed (see address below)

  • All additional documents can be emailed or mailed  in a sealed envelope to:

                              Cristo Rey New York High School
                              Admissions Office
                              112 East 106th St.
                              New York, New York 10029