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Support the Resilience Fund at Cristo Rey today!


  • Founded in 2004 in East Harlem

  • CRNYHS is part of the Cristo Rey Network of 37 schools across the United States

  • Offers students from low-income communities an affordable, high-quality college-prep education and real-life work experience

  • 403 students and 1,024 alumni -- 99% students of color

  • CRNYHS alumni are 5x more likely to earn a college degree than similarly situated peers 

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The Resilience Fund, targeted at $3 million, will ensure CRNYHS’s ability to operate for SY2021, fulfilling its mission of providing a high caliber college-preparatory education and workplace experience to students from low-income communities of color. 

The Immediate Challenge: We are faced with severe revenue uncertainty and increased costs due to COVID-19. CWSP is the cornerstone of our mission and accounts for approximately 40% of our annual budget. Because our CWSP partners face their own COVID-19 challenges, many have been unable to commit to the program for SY2021. As a result, our CWSP revenue stream is at great risk. Additionally, due to the financial strains our families are facing from COVID-19, we will need to offer significantly higher levels of financial aid, including, in some cases, full tuition forgiveness.

CRNYHS is launching the Resilience Fund to address these challenges. We refuse to allow our students, already facing so many obstacles, to lose the opportunity they so richly deserve. The resilience demonstrated by our students daily in the classroom, in the workplace, and in society shall serve as CRNYHS’s inspiration to meet the challenging year ahead. The resilience of CRNYHS is imperative.

CRNYHS is launching the Resilience Fund to overcome these challenges.

COVID-19 and Systemic Inequity: ​​

  • COVID-19 has devastated low-income communities of color across the country, especially those neighborhoods our students call home

  • Our families have faced illness and death, unemployment, food insecurity, difficult living situations, and lack of technology for education

  • Despite all these challenges, our students have persisted:

    • Daily attendance rate was 98%

    • 81 students graduated this year, 100% of whom will matriculate at four-year colleges and universities

Our students are resilient.


1 in 4

of New York City's Asian, Black and Hispanic workers was unemployed in June 2020, compared with about one of every nine white workers


Black and Latino Americans are three times more likely than white Americans to contract COVID-19, and are nearly twice as likely to die from it


of workers living in a household earning $40,000 or less have lost work, compared to only 13% in those making more than $100,000

Cases in New York City Per Capita

map key.PNG

The communities most deeply affected by COVID-19 are the same communities our students call home. 

Support the Resilience Fund today and help CRNYHS meet its goal!

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