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20th Anniversary 

 “The miracle on 106th and Park” and “the best kept secret in New York City” are just some of the phrases that tell the story of Cristo Rey New York High School. Cristo Rey is a model of persistence. No matter what the obstacles are, our students show their resilience as they achieve their goals in extraordinary numbers.

With so much uncertainty over the last three years from the pandemic and its aftermath, one constant has been the success of Cristo Rey and its students. Every single one of our graduates since 2020 has been accepted into a four-year college or university. But the success doesn’t stop once they graduate high school. Since the school’s founding, 77% of our alumni either have graduated from college or are on track to graduate — a college success rate five times the national average for students from similar economic backgrounds.


The success of Cristo Rey’s most recent alumni in college proves that our mission and vision change the lives of the students who walk our halls. The 2023-2024 school year marks Cristo Rey’s 20th year in East Harlem, but our success was hardly a certainty when we first opened our doors in the fall of 2004. Today, with more than 1,200 graduates and countless success stories, Cristo Rey continues to show that “The School That Works” truly lives up to its motto.

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