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Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum combines in- classroom learning with four-year Corporate Work Study experience. We support students’ academic growth and prepare them to succeed in college and to lead lives of leadership, professionalism, and service.

OUR Curriculum

 Is designed and taught to prepare students for success in college. 


The ultimate goal of a Cristo Rey New York education is that all of our students will graduate from both high school and college.  During their four high school years they will gain a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them.

By the time of their graduation, our students will have an understanding of and an ongoing commitment to these six core values of our school community: to be men and women who are open to growth, religious, intellectually curious, loving, committed to justice and work-experienced.

Dedicated Faculty

The faculty will work closely with each student and help them to develop a skill set that focuses on creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. 

College Success

Students at CRNYHS are required to take a total of 30.5 credits over their four years. This includes:
English - 4.5 Credits
History - 3 Credits
Math - 4.5 Credits
Religion - 4 Credits
Science - 4 Credits

Spanish - 2 or 3 Credits
CWSP- 4 Credits
Phys. Ed/Health/College Counseling  2.5 Credits/4 Years Participation
Total = 30.5 Credits necessary to graduate.

College Success

Cristo Rey New York provides an extensive  4-year College Readiness curriculum for every student all four years.


The curriculum includes freshmen seminar, college counseling, SAT prep, college visits, summer internships, and more.

Career Ready

Cristo Rey New York High School combines it's academic program with a four- year work-study experience.  

By working one day a week, students gain hands- on experiences that allow them to apply their in class lessons to real life situations.

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