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How it Works 

Students gain invaluable work experience while providing tangible benefits to our partners. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship

For Partners

For Students

Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

Personal pride in earning a portion of their own tuition through work experience over four years.

Develop self-efficacy and agency required for a viable,productive future

Development of important life skills such as persistence, critical thinking, responsibility, while also developing marketable skills to be ready to participate in a diverse workforce

Building strong profesional relationships

Students are nurtured in a network of supportive mentors and professional contacts.

Exposure to a wide variety of industries and career paths

With over 120 partners the students are exposed to a wide-range of career opportunities.


Growing awareness between a student's academics, future education goals, and career planning. 

Partners employ a student team

A team of 5 students can share one role or work across different
departments. Each student works one day per week throughout the
school year. Fees paid by partners directly supports student education.

Flexible models to suit your needs: on-site, hybrid and remote

While our students and employers benefit from in-person interaction,
our program also supports working remotely under CWSP supervision.
Student assigned workdays are aligned to employer schedules.

Partnership associates support each partnership.

A CWSP associate manages daily logistics, supports each partner’s
needs, and enhances student professional development.

Trained students are matched to your criteria

Students participate in intensive summer business “boot camp” and
have ongoing training in hard and soft skills throughout the year.

We manage the HR needs for student workers.

CWSP manages employment eligibility, payroll, insurance, taxes, and
other employer issues with the explicit approval of state agencies and
the U.S. Department of Labor.

"The CWSP program has been an incredible
opportunity to both get help for our business
and give back to the community... I have found the in-office culture is enhanced working with the students given the
diversity that makes up the Cristo Rey student body that makes our own
workplace more diverse. This diversity both helps us think differently and more effectively about the issues of today and
hopefully create the next
generation of young professionals that will one day join the workforce
after college.

Humberto Reboredo,
CFO, Institutional Securities Group
Morgan Stanley

Partner with us!


Dan Dougherty

School President


Anna Morrison

Chief Partnership Officer


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